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Monday, April 14, 2014



“A single electronic card may replace everything in your wallet including. . .
. . . your cash
. . . your credit cards
. . . your ATM card
. . . your ID cards
. . . your insurance
. . . and your life
FUTURE One card, or one chip, with your life on it.”

Biochips”-The most exciting future technology is an outcome of the fields of Computer science, Electronics & Biology. Its a new type of bio-security device to accurately track information regarding what a person is doing, and who is to accurately track information regarding what he is doing, and who is actually doing it. It’s no more required with biochips the good old idea of remembering  pesky PINs, Passwords, & Social security numbers .No more matters of carrying medical records to a hospital, No more cash/credit card carrying to the market place; everything goes embedded in the chip…. Every thing goes digitalized. No more hawker tricks on the internet….! Biochip has a variety technique for secured E-money transactions on the net. The power of biochips exists in capability of locating lost children, downed soldiers, and wandering Alzheimer patients.

Our contributions to this paper lie in the aspects of
                                                                        “Implementation of Glucose detector in  Biochips”
                                                                        “Implementation of Oxygen sensor in Biochips”
                                                                        “Implementation of Blood pressure sensor in Biochips”
                                                                  “Proposal of Solution for the typical theft problem faced by the   

The four contributions have been discussed in detail with the proposed principles for implementation of the concepts.

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