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Monday, April 14, 2014


         With the development of parallel computing, distributed computing, grid computing, a new computing model appeared. The concept of computing comes from grid computing and SaaS.It is a new method that shares basic frame work. The basic principle of cloud computing is to make the computing be assigned in a great number of distributed computers, rather than local computer or remote server. The running of the enterprise’s data center is just like internet. This makes the enterprise use the resource in the application that is needed, and access computer and storage system according to the requirement. It does not need user’s high level development. This paper introduces the background and principle of cloud computing.

         This paper also introduces the application field the merit of cloud computing. It provides secure and dependable data storage center, so user needn’t do the awful things such as storing data and killing virus, this kind of task can be done by professionals.  It can realize data share through different equipment’s. It analyses some questions and hidden troubles and puts forward some solutions and discusses the future of cloud computing. Cloud computing is a computing style that provides power referenced with IT as a service. User can enjoy the service even he knows nothing about the technology of cloud computing and the professional knowledge in this field and the power to control it.

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