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Monday, April 14, 2014

Security Aspects in Mobile Ad Hoc Network

Security Aspects in Mobile Ad Hoc Network


Mobile  Ad  hoc  networks  (MANETs)  are  a  new  paradigm  of  wireless  network,  offering   unrestricted  mobility  without  any  underlying  infrastructure  such  as  base  station  or  mobile switching  centers.  Basically  ad  hoc  network  is  a  collection  of   nodes  communicating  with  each  other  by  forming  a  multi-hop  network. In a mobile ad hoc network, it is much more vulnerable to  attacks  than  a  wired  network  due  to  its  limited  physical  security,  dynamically  changing  network  topology,  energy  constrained  operations  and  lack  of  centralized  administration. Since  all  the  nodes  in  the  network  collaborate  to  forward  the  data,  the wireless channel  is prone  to active and passive attacks by  malicious  nodes,  such  as  Denial  of  Service  (DoS), eavesdropping,  spoofing,  etc.  The  intent  of  this  paper  is  to investigate  the  security  goal,  security  challenges  and  different types of active and passive attacks on MANETs.

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