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Monday, April 14, 2014


The sixth sense technology is revolutionizing the World. The idea behind this technology is to simplify day-to-day tasks and integrate them with the virtual world. This technology was born with the simple modification of a ball mouse into a motion sensing device. Users control Sixth Sense with simple hand gestures; sixth sense device has various features that are related to our day life. For example, Do you want to take a photo?...without any camera rolls and flash lights by Just putting your fingers and thumbs together to create a picture frame tells the camera to snap a photo and imagine while drawing an @ symbol in the air allows you to check your e-mail on any surfaces it may be a wall or paper. Like that it has enormous applications to shrink our life in to our hand. It is also designed automatically to recognize objects and retrieve relevant information. It always connects us with internet to give a information related to our situation. Thereby this “sixth sense device” brings world on our neck.

      Hence, this paper is tells about basic idea of “sixth sense technology” and figure out’s technique behind this and more…

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