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Monday, April 14, 2014



                        ZigBee is designed for wireless controls and sensors.  It could be built into just about anything you have around your home or office, including lights, switches, doors and appliances.  These devices can then interact without wires, and you can control them all . . . from a remote control or even your mobile phone

                        Although ZigBee's underlying radio-communication technology isn't revolutionary, it goes well beyond single-purpose wireless devices, such as garage door openers and "The Clapper" that turns light on and off.  It allows wireless two-way communications between lights and switches, thermostats and furnaces, hotel-room air-conditioners and the front desk, and central command posts.

                       It travels across greater distances and handles many sensors that can be linked to perform different tasks.   Figure 1 below gives a great example of how ZigBee can be applied.

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