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Monday, April 14, 2014



     Why do we need a Network Security? Because in networked systems, the major security risks occur while conducting business on the Net; The following are some of the security risks occur: unauthorized access, Eavesdropping, Password sniffing, spoofing-spoofing, Denial of Service, virus attack, System modification, Data modification, Repudiation, E-mail bombing. One of the Methods to secure the information is Cryptography. Controls to protect data transmitted over the telecommunication lines, is mainly through appropriate Encryption techniques. The subject Cryptography deals with the encryption and decryption procedures. Encryption is the process of scrambling information so that it becomes unintelligible and can be unscrambled (reversed) only by using keys. Encryption is the achieved using a Symmetric Encryption or Asymmetric Encryption. In Symmetric Encryption (Single-key Cryptography), a single key is used encrypt as well as to decrypt. In Asymmetric Encryption (Public-key cryptography), two keys namely public and private key are used for encryption and decryption. The paper presentation is on the Network security-Quantum cryptography. Quantum cryptography is a new method, which is efficient and fastest of all methods to secure the information. In this Quantum cryptography, main concept is Quantum theory of light, polarization, the foundation of Quantum cryptography lies in the Heidelberg’s uncertainty principle which states that certain pairs of physical properties are related in such a way that measuring one property prevents the observer from simultaneously knowing the value of other. Quantum cryptography is an effort to allow two users of a common communication channel to create a body of shared and secret information. 

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