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Monday, April 14, 2014


The importance of networks security and services at higher education institutions has never been higher than it is now. Users and institutions are demanding more and more network services and the exchange of more potentially sensitive information within these services. Firstly, in campus there is definite requirement of the network access. In order to enable learners to go beyond the limitations of space and time to acquire knowledge; in order to provide excellent learning environment for greater freedom and greater choice of learning activities space, the project to building campus network has become the basis of all university building work. It is related to the quality and level of their teaching and scientific research work. The campus network has a number of tasks such as teaching, research, management and communication with the outside. Therefore, the issue of network security has become a priority to campus network management. Obviously, the current Internet is convenient but at the same time it is unsafe. While using network services in campus network it can be more easily attacked. This paper represent the current security status of the campus network, analyze security threat to campus network and describe the strategies to maintenance of network security, so as to maintain an effective as well as robust network system. This paper will also introduce various current network information security problem and its solutions.

Keywords— Campus network, Network security, Security technology, Security threat, Firewalls.

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