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Monday, April 14, 2014


In this paper we present an estimation of distribution particle swarm optimization algorithm that borrows ideas from recent developments in bee colony optimization which can be considered estimation of distribution algorithm. In the classical particle swarm optimization algorithm, particles exploit their individual memory to explore the search space. However, the swarm as a whole has no means to exploit its collective memory to guide its search. This causes a re-exploration of already known bad regions of the search space, wasting costly function evaluations. In our approach, we concentrate on Palliation type of solution in which we are identifying the cancer affected part of particle.  we use estimation of distribution particle swarm optimization algorithm to find the particles and particles’ movement towards the estimated regions in the search space mainly which cause the cancer. Our approach is able to find similar or better solutions than the existing system.
Index Terms— Cancer, Chemotherapy, EDPSO, Palliation, PSO

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