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Monday, August 4, 2014



Recently face recognition is attracting much attention in the society of network multimedia information access. Areas such as network security, content indexing and retrieval, and video compression benefits from face recognition technology because "people" are the center of attention in a lot of video.
Network access control via face recognition not only makes hackers virtually impossible to steal one's "password", but also increases the user-friendliness in human-computer interaction. Indexing and/or retrieving video data based on the appearances of particular persons will be use-ful for users such as news reporters, political scientists, and moviegoers. For the applications of videophone and teleconferencing, the assistance of face recognition also provides a more efficient coding scheme.
In this paper, we give an introductory course of this new information processing technology. The paper shows the readers the generic framework for the face recognition system, and the variants that are frequently encountered by the face recognizer. Several famous face recognition algorithms, such as eigenfaces and neural networks, will also be explained.

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