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Thursday, August 7, 2014



Cellular networks are a critical component of the economic and social infrastructures in which we live. In addition to voice services, these networks deliver alphanumeric text messages to the vast majority of wireless subscribers. To encourage the expansion of this new service, telecommunications companies offer connections between their networks and the Internet. The ramifications of such connections, however, have not been fully recognized. In this paper, we evaluate the security impact of the SMS interface on the availability of the cellular phone network.

     The analysis begins with an exploration of the structure of cellular networks. We then characterize network behaviour and explore a number of reconnaissance techniques aimed at effectively targeting attacks on these systems. This paper describes in detail about the vulnerabilities due to DOS (Denial Of Services) attacks. The major problem seen in this method is overflow of the buffer. To overcome the above problem, we have proposed a new idea of Weighted Fair Queuing. We conclude by discussing countermeasure that mitigate or eliminate the threats introduced by these attacks. 

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