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Saturday, August 2, 2014

The e – BUS STOP Model


When was the last time you cursed yourself while waiting for your bus to arrive? When was the last time you missed an important meeting because the bus was late?. I  propose the E-Bus Stop Model to make your wait more productive and manage time effectively.

Each Bus will have a display showing details such as current position of the bus, the name of the next few stops on the route, estimated time of arrival at these stops. At the bus-stop, the commuters who are waiting for the bus will know the position of the nearest bus and its estimated time of arrival. The Main bus stand will have details regarding the position of all the buses plying inside the city.

The passenger can accordingly plan his journey, the bus he wants to take, or other possible means to take him to his destination ‘ON TIME’.

Every Bus is fitted with a Bluetooth device with a unique address. Every Bus Stop is also provided with a Bluetooth device. The Bluetooth devices in the bus are capable communicating with devices in the bus stop within a range of 100 metres. All the bus stops are connected only to their adjacent  bus stops so as to form a ring topology based network. A Display screen is provided in all the buses and bus stops where all the necessary information are shown.

An interesting aspect of the technology is the instant formation of networks once the bluetooth devices come in range to each other. A piconet is a collection of devices connected via Bluetooth technology in an ad hoc fashion.

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