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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Broadband over Power Line-(Most recent technique)

Broadband over Power Lines network is overlaid on the medium-voltage and low-voltage segments of the power distribution system. High-speed backhaul connections can be brought to the BPL network at substations or elsewhere along the medium voltage circuit. An Ambient node provides connectivity between the backhaul connection and the medium voltage segment of the BPL network. High speed data travels over this medium-voltage segment to remote locations where is it transferred to the low-voltage segment or to a wireless interface for the final leg to the end user or network element being managed. A simplified view is shown is Figure 1.2.

An alternative injection technique, known as “conductive coupling” connects the signal cable directly to the electricity cables but requires the power to be switched off during connection for safety reasons.

The end-user simply connects a BPL modem to any power socket in the building for access to the BPL RF signal. The BPL modem converts the RF signal back into IP data. The enduser user then connects the BPL modem into a computer, server, switch, or wireless access point.

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