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Monday, August 4, 2014


    An image is digitized to convert it to a form which can be stored in a computer's memory or on some form of storage media such as a hard disk or CD-ROM. This digitization procedure can be done by a scanner, or by a video camera connected to a frame grabber board in a computer. Once the image has been digitized, it can be operated upon by various image processing operations. Image processing operations can be roughly divided into three major categories, Image Compression, Image Enhancement and Restoration, and Measurement Extraction. Image compression is familiar to most people. It involves reducing the amount of memory needed to store a digital image. We take one of the topic in it, which is hand print. It is one of the ways of security. In this paper, we present a novel biometric technology –palm print recognition. Palm print is obtained from the inner surface of a hand between the wrist and the top of the fingers, which contains the principal lines, wrinkles and ridges on the palm, finger and fingerprint. We extend this thought over security for vehicles. Except the owner, when some one try to start  the vehicle by placing his palm on the accelerator , the hand print of the person and his photo is sent to the owner’s  mobile through MMS media and the area where the vehicle is moving is captured every 30 seconds and sent to the owner’s mobile. By which the job of finding the thief is made very easy.

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