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Saturday, August 2, 2014


The real time monitoring of vehicle’s information (such as registration number, status of the vehicle whether the toll amount is paid or not etc...) or tracking a stolen vehicle is a tedious task. This paper proposes a new idea which says that, by using RFID technology it is possible to provide an automated system for the real time monitoring of the vehicles so that tracking a vehicle becomes more easier. To be more general, this is to implement a vehicle identification system. The application for this will be automated tracking a missing vehicle, automated checking for permit when a vehicle entering into a state, automated toll gate fee checking and so many.
The RFID system consists of reader and tag. The reader is placed at the toll gates and it is connected to the  client system. All the vehicles will be fitted with a RFID tag during the manufacturing itself. The place where the tag is placed should be more secured.
 If the vehicle (fitted with tag) passes via the toll gate, the reader identifies the vehicle and passes the information to the client computer. The vehicles details are stored in the database. The database is maintained in a centralized server. The database will be checked frequently when ever there is a message from the client. The server gives a quick response to the client for authorizing the vehicle.

If the vehicle is an unauthorized user, then the client activates the alarm so that the vehicle is easily caught. 

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