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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Invisible Cloak and Optical Camouflage


The advancement in science is making what we may have thought of as impossible, probable. Humans may become invisible as the extra terrestrials which are considered to be probably invisible. A new technology provides a way to this. In this paper a scientific technology that is used to implement this idea is presented. The optical camouflage technology is one of the famous scientific technologies which helps in the invention of a new type of cloak called the invisible cloak. This is one of the big revolutions created in the area of virtual reality. It is just a concept of reflection of light by the cloak. The person who wears this cloak will feel as just what he feels with the ordinary cloaks but the person will be invisible to the outside environment. This is the main advantage of this cloak. There are many other interesting features present in this paper about this cloak.

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