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Monday, August 4, 2014



To operate the wheel chair of a paralyzed patient using their eyeball movement using embedded system.

It is very difficult to understand the emotions of the paralyzed patients, care them and to move them according to their wish. To solve this problem this system is implemented.

The system consists of the eyeball sensor, which detects the movement of the eyeball of the paralyzed patient and sends the information to the microcontroller.the microcontroller processes the signals coming from the eyeball sensor and controls the wheel accordingly. The moments of the wheelchair that can be controlled by the microcontroller are forward, right and left.

When the eye moves to the left side the wheelchair moves to the left side. When the eye moves to the right side the wheelchair moves to the right

side . When the eye looks straight wheelchair moves in forward direction. To control the action of the wheel chair motors are used. The motors are drive by the motor drivers.

The motors are coupled with the wheels and the wheels are attached to the wheelchair mechanism.

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