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Friday, August 1, 2014



     Highway travel is the lifeblood of modern industrial nations. The larger roads are sorely over burdened: around the major cities, heavy usage slows most peak-hour travel on freeways to less than 60 kilometers per hour. In all excessive traffic causes more than five billion hours delay every year; it wastes countless gallons of fuel and needless multiplies exhaust emission. The main goal of this project is to make the experience of driving less burdensome and accident less, especially on long trips. This can be achieved by making the highway itself part of the driving experience and integrating roadside technologies that would allow the overburdened highway system to be used more efficiently.

The automobile will have automatic throttle, braking and steering control. Here is a system to host these cars consist of roadside sensors that obtain information about current traffic condition and rely them to receives in the automobile on the road. The automobile can be grouped together at highway speeds, 65-70MPH, no more than a few feet apart, which make better use of the available roadways. In this manner, the traffic system and the automobiles work together to bring passengers safely and quickly to their destination.  

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