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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Roadster Allusion- Bus proclamation for visors


The bus transport system is seldom tuned to the special needs of the visually challenged. Identification of buses arriving at bus stops is difficult because route Numbers are only displayed on the number plate. Visually impaired persons depend heavily on public buses for commuting. However, at a bus stop the person hears buses approaching but cannot identify the route number. Moreover, a number of buses arrive together and line up arbitrarily at bus stops. Even after identification, it is Difficult to navigate towards the bus and board it as the physical location is unknown. Our system with use of wireless radio-frequency technology allows user to identify route number of buses Present and approaching a bus stop. Further, the system allows the user to select the bus of interest and navigate towards the entry by triggering auditory cues from the bus. Assisting the users navigate towards the Bus by providing auditory cues emanating from the entry of the bus.

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