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Friday, August 1, 2014

PERVASIVE COMPUTING - Application in car technology


       The aim of Pervasive Computing is for computing available wherever it is needed.  It spreads intelligence and connectivity to more or less everything. Cars seem to become more and more sophisticated, in terms of mechanics and electronics. This paper reviews the state-of-art pervasive computing utilized in modern car technology. Microprocessors can be found in almost any subsystem of a car, and the applications of embedded computers in enhancing the qualities of cars are discussed in this paper. In addition, it also describes some possible pervasive computing applications in  cars  and the problems to implement and deploy them are discussed as well. This paper also describes how pervasive computing is used in car to find free space for parking the car. This implementation can reduce the work of driver, time and fuel. This Advanced Parking System (APS) is most prominent in highly dense areas, where the search for parking is congests and interrupts traffic flows. In addition it also describes ,what are all the problems ,when pervasive computing is implemented in cars.

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