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Saturday, August 2, 2014



The computers we use in our day-to-day life have tremendous abilities to sophisticated tasks easily. They can do the tasks assigned to them with a lightning speed. They can understand a variety of computer languages. They can effectively compile the programs written in these languages and understand what to do. Despite their lightning speed and awesome powers of computation, today's PCs are essentially deaf, dump and blind. If we want our computers to be genuinely intelligent and interact naturally with us, we must give them the power to recognize and understand emotions. Imagine ourselves in a world where human interact with computers in the same way as with humans. It has the ability to gather information about us and interact accordingly. It can even understand the emotions of it's user at the touch of a mouse. This can be brought into reality with the help of the upcoming technology The BLUE EYES. For the implementation of The Blue Eyes technology we must give our personnel computers the power to recognize and understand our emotions. The search for a unique and reliable technique for securing resources has finally led to the realization that human physiological traits are unique enough for it to be used as an identifier. The thing lacking was the technology to exploit the potential of these characteristics. The new technology, BIOMETRICS emerged as a solution for this situation. Thus BLUE EYES used biometric sensors can make incredible effect in the field of emotion detection which itself can act as a security measure.

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