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Sunday, August 10, 2014


Abstract –

As the technology advances the human needs to grow towards comfort. KMAIL, A Dynamic mail using voice logging in cloud computing environment. Integrating voice communication into business processes can accelerate resolution time, reduce mistakes, and establish a full audit-trail of the interactions.  In this project, we are proposing a dual way of accessing the mail using Speech synthesis & a normal way in a cloud computing environment. We propose a generic framework consisting of a VXML-based service specification language. Service providers using the proposed service-oriented architecture can offer to their customers a protocol-neutral Web Service interface, thus enabling the deployment of a general and integrated cloud solution for mail.
Key words: KMAIL, VXML, cloud computing, speech synthesis.
I.                   INTRODUCTION
Today, people spend most of their time interacting with computers. Life is running at a microchip speed. Over the last decade, these electronic tiny minuscule signals have fundamentally revolutionized the way we live. People are spending more hours per day with machines than humans. They communicate through mails across the globe for official and unofficial information. Email & web have become part of our life. These mailing systems are developed by different organization with different modules and different feasibilities. But fail to reach the users who are physically disabled and senior citizens. And also fail to provide better ease for the users. The frequent and prolonged computer sessions may pose physical health risks such as visual strain, harmful effects of radiation, and posture and skeletal problems.
This problem can be overcome to some extent by enhancing the applications with speech synthesis and speech recognition systems. Here we propose a KMAIL reader system which is a unique system developed for members of the system can exchange information and is also supported by a reader which would read the contents of the mail by the automatic speech recognition.
The cloud computing database system is used for this system, in which we can enable Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR). The selected mail in the inbox is processed to identify the name of the sender and recipient, subject and the message. This text is normalized and segmented at syllable level. Its corresponding syllable units are selected based on the context and selected units are concatenated to get the wave file for the given text.
It provides the user to register him as a valid user of the KMAIL service and then allows the user to access the modules of the system where the valid user can send mails, delete mails and receive mails in the users language. The mails which the user receives are converted from text to speech by using concatenative speech synthesis approach and an appropriate wave file is generated and then the speech of the text is played.

The paper is organized as follows. Section 2 gives the details of KMAIL architecture. Section 3 gives the details of the TTTS system architecture and different modules in the system. The conclusion in section 4 followed by future scope in section 5.

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