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Monday, August 4, 2014



            Image enhancement is the process of applying these techniques to facilitate the development of a solution to a computer imaging          problem. Consequently, the enhancement methods are application specific and are often developed empirically. The type of techniques includes point operations, where each pixel is modified according to a particular equation that is not dependent on other pixel values; mask operations, where each pixel is modified according to the values of the pixel's neighbors or global operations, where all the pixel values in the image are taken into consideration. Spatial domain processing methods include all three types, but frequency domain operations, by nature of the frequency transforms, are global operations. Of course, frequency domain operations can become "mask operations," based only on a local neighborhood, by performing the transform on small image blocks instead of the entire image Enhancement is used as a preprocessing step in some computer vision applications to ease the vision task, for example, to enhance the edges of an object to facilitate guidance of a robotic gripper.Image enhancement is used for post processing to generate a visually desirable image. Overall, image enhancement methods are used to make images look better. So “Image Enhancement Is As Much An Art As It Is A Science.”

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