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Thursday, August 7, 2014



Accidents occur in various places. They are mainly grouped into two categories. They are those that occur in cities and in rural areas. If an accident occurs in the vicinity of a city or town, the accident victim is helped instantly by the people of the locality whereas if it occurs in rural areas, the victim is helpless and his fate is at serious risk. The victim has to be helped by those who pass by the accident zone. The message has to be conveyed to the particular ambulance service and it takes some time for the ambulance to reach the spot. It is this TIME FACTOR which claims the life of the victim in minutes. The main problem is that they are not admitted to the hospital in proper time. Hence, there is a great chance for the victim to loose his life before he reaches the hospital. So to overcome this problem we design an EMBEDDED SYSTEM, through which it is possible to reduce the death rate caused by accidents (especially in rural areas). The embedded system consists of three components. They are SENSORS, GPS SYSTEM, and GSM SYSTEM. Sensors are used to sense the blood from the victim and to sense the damage of the engine of the vehicle that has met with accident. Once the sensor senses the blood and damage of the engine at the same time, the system that we discuss over here finds the current location of the vehicle using GPS communication. Then using the information perceived from the GPS satellite, it finds the NEAREST HOSPITAL and collects its address and phone number. Once it finds, it stores those details in its database. The GSM system fetches the phone number from database and sends the voice coded message or SMS to the corresponding hospital using its phone number. Then GSM system waits for some particular time to get an acknowledgement from that hospital. If it does not receive any acknowledgement, it requests the GPS satellite to find any other nearest hospital. GPS tracker finds the details of that hospital and stores it again in database. Again the GSM sends the same message to hospital and waits for some time. Once it receives the acknowledgement from hospital, it stops requesting the GPS system .This is the gist of the efficient accident detection system using 4-g technology via embedded systems.

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