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Saturday, August 2, 2014


Abstract - Nanotechnology

And Nanotechnology is en route to achieve it. The principles underlying nanotechnology are sound, and recent developments in related fields make it fairly certain that initial applications will become a reality within the foreseeable future.

This paper deals with the science of nanotechnology, its limitations, the design aspects of nanoassemblers, and its mind-boggling applications. The art of nanotechnology can revolutionize any field as it starts the manufacture process at the atomic stage. It is also essential to know its limitations also. The nanomachines will be created using specialized assemblers called Nanobots. These machines will also have the capability to self-replicate themselves, thus producing a large number of nanobots to complete the manufacturing process efficiently.The most invaluable materials to nanotechnology - Diamond and Carbon Nanotubes have been discussed in detail and their applications have also been studied.

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