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Sunday, August 10, 2014


“Cloud” computing – a relatively recent term, builds on decades of research in virtualization, distributed computing, utility computing, and more recently networking, web and software services. It implies a service oriented architecture, reduced information technology overhead for the end-user, great flexibility, reduced total cost of ownership, on demand services and many other things. This paper discusses the concept of “cloud” computing, some of the issues it tries to address, related research topics, and a “cloud” implementation available today.
“Cloud computing” is the next natural step in the evolution of on-demand information technology services and products. To a large extent, cloud computing will be based on virtualized resources. Cloud computing predecessors have been around for some time now, but the term became “popular” sometime in October 2007 when IBM and Google announced a collaboration in that domain. This was followed by IBM’s announcement of the “Blue Cloud” effort. Since then, everyone is talking about “Cloud Computing”.

This paper discusses the concept of “cloud” computing, comparisons with grid computing ,utility computing ,autonomic computing ,characteristics of cloud computing and its architecture. The components of grid computing and its Criticism and Disadvantages is also discussed in this paper.

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