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Tuesday, August 5, 2014



Traffic congestion and tidal flow management were recognized as major problems in modern urban areas, which have caused much frustration and loss of man hours. As a remediable measure, Traffic lights have been installed in most cities around the world to control the traffic congestion. They assign definite traffic rules to the road users by the use of traffic signal posts in standard universal color codes (Red - Amber - Green). Simultaneously, most of the road users are not in the habit of following rules & regulations strictly. Hence in order to regularize them, the Road Raging System is hereby suggested.
This system monitors and records those road users who violate the traffic rules such as red light. This can be implemented by using RFID technology. In this proposed system, we provide RFID tag for vehicles to identify both the vehicle details and user details. The RFID reader senses the vehicle that violates the rule and sends the details in encoded form to the PC. The vehicle is detected and stopped by the micro controller embedded in the vehicle. As a result, penalty amount is deducted from the users account details provided in the RFID tag and is intimated to the user by SMS send through the GSM Modem attached in PC. Then the vehicle is restarted by sending the signal from the traffic signal unit.

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