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Friday, August 1, 2014



1.     GPS For Detecting Tsunami

 No one can forget the disaster that happened at the end of last year in which lakhs of people lost their life and many more lost their properties in the tsunami that happened due to the earthquake undersea. Yes, the huge waves called the Tsunami waves.  Most of the south Asian countries suffered due to this and we are in urge to protect our self from nature’s fury. Though we cannot control nature, we can predict the nature and we can safeguard invaluable human lives from the natural calamity. If we had detected the tsunami a few hours before, we might have saved at least thousands of life. Tsunami must be detected in advance. The help of GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM can achieve this. Using the buoy system and the GPS we can detect the speed of the wave coming and the time period for it to reach to the shore. A continuous monitoring is done in the real time platform  and the arrival of tsunami can be predicted as early as 40-60 minutes, which can save the precious human life.

2.     Earthquake alert using GPS system                               

Every year not just in hundreds but in thousands, people loss their lives by earthquake. Till now no equipment has been designed to predict that earthquake is going to occur or to alert the people even after the quake waves hit the epicenter at a harder or at any rate. But knowingly these quake waves, after striking the epicenter, propagates as concentric encircles at a velocity of 3.5 to 8 km/s. So using an alerting medium having faster propagation rate than this velocity, we can alert the people. Thus this proposes the use of satellite communication network, fibre-optics network, pager service, cell phone service or combination of these to get into the alerting network. Because light, the medium of communication in all these, has a much greater velocity of 3x108 m/sec. This paper comes out with a GSM-based seismic alert system that could warn before an earthquake strikes the outer region of the epicenter. But this is not used to alert the epicenter region as it is only a detector of earthquake and not a predictor. Here only concepts are discussed. Detailed study, feasibility of operation and experimentation are required to optimize the system. And notably, this system can only minimize the casualties and not to shun the whole.

KEYWORDS: GPS, Satellite communication, GSM.

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